So, this is us…



Hi, and thanks for checking out our blog. If you are reading this, you probably already know us. If not, we will take this time to give you an idea of who we are.

My name is Matt and Kelli is reading over my shoulder as I type this. From the day we met, our earliest conversations were usually about traveling, and seeing places or things that we had only heard of. We talked about selling everything and moving to a beach, or buying an RV and living on the road. Well, fourteen years later, we are finally doing that. We saved up our money, and sold what we could (including the house), so we could buy an RV.

We hope you will join us as we travel with no definite destination. Let us know where your must see places are.

Thanks for checking us out!

12 thoughts on “So, this is us…

  1. Patrick

    Hi guys, I’m glad to see that you are still on tour.
    You probably don’t remember who I am. Sadly, we only met once. We booked (actually you were extremely lucky) the same cave tour in the Lava Beds National Park. Do you remember the “Fern Cave”? Or the blond teenager with the big flashlight?
    Since we met on a Saturday, I thought I would finally contact you on one. It only toke me 2.5 months (that’s a new record). I really hope you are having a lot of fun being on the road. And keep taking these pictures Matt, they are awesome!

    1. Matt Toebbe Post author

      Patrick! Yes we remember you, that was one heck of a flashlight! You are right, we were very lucky to be able to get into the tour at the last second like we did.

      Sorry for such a delayed response, but life gets in the way sometimes. It was great meeting everybody, and we enjoyed visiting “Fern Cave” with such a nice family.

  2. Nick Johnstone

    Hey buddy, glad to see you two are doing well. I met a guy named Zach who told me about your journey. Be well buddy!

    1. Matt Toebbe Post author

      Hi Nick, good to hear from you! We are doing good, despite being a little tired from trying to run around everywhere, trying not to miss anything.
      I’m glad you found our blog. What do you think about it?

      1. Nick

        It’s excellent, I’ve been trying keep up with it. I also read about a couple who bought a sailboat and are doing what you guys are doing. I’m glad you guys are happy, and the pics Kelli are taking are phenomenal! I will definitely keep looking at the blog more buddy!

  3. Karen and Cam

    It was such a wonderful chance meeting of you guys at Angel Lake as I envied your kayaks! Kudos to you for your sense of adventure and priorities for travel. You never know who you’ll meet on the long and winding road…
    Safe travels!

    1. Matt Toebbe Post author

      It is always nice to run into people with the same interests as us. Let us know if we pass near you kids in the future.

      Any advice on places to see when we get to Oregon? Can’t wait to see the Pacific Northwest.

      1. Karen Davidson

        Sorry it took so long to get back to you! If you haven’t been up to Oregon yet, here are some places we loved along the coast: Oregon Dunes National Recreation area near Reedsport, OR. Beautiful! Also, great places to camp that don’t seem to fill up…even with an RV.
        We also liked the small town of Florence and even smaller town of Yachats. We drove the whole Oregon coast along 101 until north of Lincoln City, where we had to head inland to Portland because there was no where to camp or find a room due to the 4th of July crowds. I will check back to see how your trip is going…don’t miss Mt. Rainier when you get to WA! One more….we even made it to Vancouver Island…gorgeous! The capital city of Victoria is charming…a must see. You can park the RV in Port Angeles, WA and walk or drive on to the ferry for the 90 minute ride over. Have a great ride!

  4. Michael Muchnij

    It was a lot of fun to hang with you guys in Zion. Hope to see you two around again! You two rock!

    Cheers and happy travels,
    Michael Muchnij

    ps. Give me a ring if you find yourself in PHX or LA.

    1. Matt Toebbe Post author

      Hey man, we had fun meeting you guys. I know we will see you on the road again sometime.
      I checked out your Instagram photos. Incredible stuff! Keep up the good work.


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